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bonnie vanak's redemption Mating Mini #3


Redemption, Werewolves of Montana Mating Mini #4

A cursed alpha wolf promises to free an enslaved Mage if she mates with him so he can sire an heir, not realizing she can destroy the dark secret keeping his pack alive.

Robert Keynes has known more tragedy than any soul should have to bear. Years ago, a Mage--Robert's ex-lover--cursed the alpha Lupine and his pack, resulting in the deaths of many, including Robert's parents. Only a great sacrifice on his part stemmed the curse. But the magick that protects the pack is now waning, putting Robert's people in peril once more.

Aurora Seville is little more than a captive; a beautiful slave given to Robert so he might produce an heir. A gifted Mage, Aurora has little chance of gaining his trust--until he discovers she bears the mark of the dragon. Mating with her could be the key to breaking the curse over his pack forever. In exchange, Robert promises Aurora her freedom...unaware the very woman capable of saving his pack could also destroy the dark secret keeping them alive.

Aurora has her own reasons to get close to the sexy Lupine. The secret Robert hides could free her beloved sister. So she'll agree to become his mate--but at what cost to both their hearts?

You can read an excerpt of Redemption here.

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bonnie vanak's passion Mating Mini #3


Passion, Werewolves of Montana Mating Mini #3

Jake and Molly (The Mating Intent) try to resist their feelings for each other as they fight a mysterious blackness scorching a pristine Florida park.

After the tragic loss of his intended mate, Jake Anderson vowed to never love again. He left Aiden Mitchell’s Montana pack and sought solitude as a lone wolf in Florida. But he never envisioned falling for Molly, the intended mate of a powerful alpha’s heir. The lovely shifter with her tumbling masses of red hair sparks a passion he thought long dead. He will do anything to possess the curvy werewolf who makes him laugh and feel alive once more.

Molly Monroe longs to consummate the desire she feels for Jake, yet mating a rival pack’s heir will avert a bloody pack war. After a vicious fight nearly kills her father, Molly realizes dark magick is driving all the males to violence. Torn between loyalty to her pack and her own desires, she must join with Jake to discover what evil is turning the werewolves vicious before the darkness destroys everything she holds dear…

You can read an excerpt of Passion here.

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bonnie vanak's the mating challenge


The Mating Challenge, Werewolves of Montana #5

Coming summer 2015!

Ruthless powerful Mitchell Ranch alpha Aiden fights for the fight to mate with allpha female Nikita and win the females in her pack for all his single males. Though his touch makes her boneless with desire, Nikita is equally determined to kick this strong, virile male off her ranch, for Aiden doesn't realize she hides a dark secret that could destroy him...

You can read an excerpt of The Mating Challenge here.





bonnie vanak's temptation


Temptation, Werewolves of Montana Mating Mini #5

Coming Soon!